Mattel's Barbie-inspired fashion line to launch this Fall

Mattel's Barbie-inspired fashion line to launch this Fall

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Capturing the imaginations of little girls for generations now, Mattel Inc. will soon launch a range of Barbie-inspired apparel and accessories

Set to debut this Fall, the new Barbie collections will be a part of collaborations with Lord & TaylorForever 21 and Los Angeles-based label Wildfox. 

The three fashionable brands have each signed up to create collections inspired by the chic and always coordinated looks from the plastic icon's Fifties, Eighties and Nineties wardrobe.

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"We have fans of Barbie of all ages, and many girls that once played with them have grown up," said Jessica Dunne, Mattel's general manager and senior vice president. "We really wanted to make sure that we put together consumer approaches that reached all ages."

The first to launch will be Forever 21's collection on September 5, with Lord & Taylor's Barbie-themed sleepwear collection following quickly after on September 14, while Wildfox's Malibu Barbie-inspired line-up is set to hit shelves on November 15.  

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