Balenciaga and Nicolas Ghesquière lawsuit to be settled via mediation

Balenciaga and Nicolas Ghesquière lawsuit to be settled via mediation

When actions speak louder than words

Balenciaga's ongoing lawsuit against its former creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, has moved out of the courtroom and into mediation

Wednesday, August 27, was the day scheduled to be the date that the court came to a decision on the case of Balenciaga and Nicolas Ghesquière but the president of the Tribunal de Grande Instance suggested that both parties instead try to resolve the dispute between themselves.

While both parties have agreed, Hugo Lévy, lawyer at Thierry Lévy & Associés, counsel for Balenciaga, told WWD that the attempt at mediation with Ghesquière does not represent "any change in Balenciaga's initial claim".

The Paris-based house is seeking damages of $9.4 million from Ghesquière due to "damaging" comments it claims the designer made in an interview with London-based fashion magazine System in 2013. 

Ghesquière  who's now the artistic director of women's collections at Louis Vuitton  said that he felt that he was being "sucked dry" at Balenciaga, and that he felt that they wanted to steal " my identity while trying to homogenise things". Michel Laval, counsel for Ghesquière, argued that the comments were not critical of Balenciaga but of the fashion industry in general. 





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