London Fashion Week: Anya Hindmarch Autumn/Winter 15

London Fashion Week: Anya Hindmarch Autumn/Winter 15

The Hindmarch highway code

Anya Hindmarch was giving us some serious signals with her Autumn/Winter 15 collection. Her traffic stopping presentation was packed with fun as we saw her latest offering teach us a thing or two about the high-way code...

Anya Hindmarch is due a speeding ticket after she pulled a fashion-fast-one at her London Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 15 presentation, at the old Billingsgate Market. This was a case of 'women at work' in a high speed show that saw the runway transform into a motorway. Pittstops courtesy of Little Chef.

Spirits were left soaring after the roadsign inspired apparel and accessories traveled in convoy down the runway, disobeying the decorative STOP signs along the way. Highlights included a cobalt blue sweater with a vibrant statement white crooked arrow shooting upwards, redirecting traffic. Jacquetta Wheeler modelled the piece-de-resistance, Hindmarch's elevation of health and safety, a high-vis orange gilet with white markings made in luxe fur. The motif was also translated for a tote bag.

We use the term 'highlights' lightly, for it is not easy to call a favourite in this high-fun presentation. Of course, all eyes were on the accessories, Hindmarch's area of genius, and the creative re-purposing of some of the most pedestrian visuals that we see everyday, have been superbly turned-around into fashion excellence. Roundabouts, 'park and ride,' even the humdrum notion of a car air freshener has been forever upraised in our eyes.  

Other parts of the collection seemed to have spilled over from Spring 15, as the unofficial and newly bestowed trademark smiley-face became a print on a series of jumpsuits, that also featured a no-littering sign and a no smoking sign. This collection can't help but bring a smile and we won't hesitate to give way to these fashion signals when we see them at large.