In Vogue: Anna Wintour attends fashion fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

In Vogue: Anna Wintour attends fashion fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

A Vogue editor's support in the Hamptons

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Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour continues to make her alliance with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign very clear – supporting a fashion fundraiser for the potential future President of the United States in the Hamptons with Tory Burch, Martha Stewart and more...

One of the most famous women in fashion, Anna Wintour has made no attempt to hid her fondness for one of the most famous women in politics – Hillary Clinton. The iconic Vogue editor-in-chief has always politically aligned with the left, supporting Obama in 2008 and 2012, and now Clinton – championing her causes at a recent gathering in the Hamptons...

Pressure is mounting in the presidential race, with just five months until the Iowa caucuses and 14 months until the general election but at least Hillary Clinton can rely on the support of the fashion industry it seems, as designer Tory Burch hosted a fundraiser for the potential first female President of the U.S., at her 15.4 acre home in the Hamptons. 200 influential guests were present, including Wintour, Donna Karan, Martha Stewart and Barneys owner Richard Perry.

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According to Page Six the event did not go off without a hitch however, as when Clinton started her speech, Tory Burch's sprinkler system went off and drenched some of the guests on the law. "Anna introduced Hillary, a wonderful introduction, moving enough to make a grown man cry," an anonmous source told the newspaper. "Then, all of a sudden the sprinkler system went off, and those who were on the lawn got soaked. You could hear some people screaming." 

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