American Apparel to stay true to Dov Charney's ethos

American Apparel to stay true to Dov Charney's ethos

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After the recent departure of American Apparel’s CEO and founder, Dov Charney, the company says it will keep to his original vision for the clothing giant

The fashion world shouldn't expect the face of American Apparel Inc. to get gentler now that Charney is no longer the president, chief executive officer and chairman. 

"There is something at the core of the American Apparel brand that is slightly transgressive,"  stated Allan Mayer, the newly appointed co-chairman. "That is not to everybody's taste - and sometimes it's not to my personal taste - but it's what the company is and we're not going to change."

However, an element of the company that could change is the company's financial system.

As American Apparel stocks fluctuate, with Mayer placing the firm's debt at about $280 million, he seeks to beef up the company's finances — embodying much of what Charney built despite his strange behaviour and allegations over the past few years.

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