Alexander Wang takes over Bergdorf Goodman

Alexander Wang takes over Bergdorf Goodman

From the windows to the walls...

As part of its new scheme for mixing up its traditional uptown atmosphere, Bergdorf Goodman has asked the king of cool, Alexander Wang, to bring some downtown flair to its Fifth Avenue space

This month, Bergdorf Goodman has given Alexander Wang a 'no rules' rule, for his stylish take over of its iconic department store, allowing him to design windows, stage an installation in the store's ground-floor 'Luxe Room', and design a unique sports-themed pop-up on the contemporary floor 5F. 

Kicking things off on January 29, the pop-up will open and projection of Wang's barcode logo will be cast over Bergdorf's Fifth Avenue façade once the sun goes down. Wang said Bergdorf first approached him about a special project for spring, based on his collection that was inspired by five iconic trainers. "We had the idea to theme it around the bedroom of a sneakerhead." Wang said. 

The two windows Wang designed, which are currently on display, look like rooms of a footwear fanatic, one in an all-white tennis theme and the other in an edgier, black basketball motif. Along with items from Wang's new Spring/Summer collection, the displays are stocked with exclusive sporty merchandise, from Alexander Wang barcode logo shoeboxes and posters, to all-black basketballs and all-white tennis racquets, all available for purchase.

In addition, a special USB with a playlist by DJ Jesse Marco, one of Wang's travel companions, is complimentary with purchases of more than $500.

Alexander Wang Bergdorf

There will also be the 'Luxe Room' installation, set with mannequins in Wang looks and 
the 5F pop-up – which will be open through March – that will replicate Wang's recent runway set with rubber floor and walls to feel like a gymnasium.

"To get the Fifth Avenue windows and a whole installation in the Luxe Room is a very big deal for us," noted Wang. "With this collection, there's so much handwork, to really be able to display it in that kind of environment, we're so honored."

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