Paris Men's Fashion Week: Acne and Thom Browne

Paris Men's Fashion Week: Acne and Thom Browne

Spring/Summer 15

The latest looks for men coming out of Paris range from Acne's Fifties-inspired casual wear to Thom Browne's futuristic tailoring...

The Fifties were the preferred decade of inspiration for Jonny Johansson, the creative director of Stockholm-based Acne Studios.

Highlighted in his crisp, and airy clothes for SS15, the collection showcased structured Harrington jackets, loose-shirts and  shapely khakis. While references to skateboarders were headlined by oversized Bermuda shorts and baggy beanies.

Sturdy upholstery fabrics like Alcantara gave Johansson's short jackets a sculptural touch, with the collection's bright and youthful appeal, highlighted by the clothes' neutral colors of sky blue, yellow, beige and brown. 

For Thom Browne's SS15 line up, the designer was inspired by the sci-fi classic by Seven Lisberger, Tron, with a show divided into two parts, essentially showcasing two different collections.

Part one, was heavy on the futuristic theme with, laser saber-wearing guards walking between a group of plastic-masked models, sitting in grey suits, coats or jackets — all reinterpretations of Browne's famous grey suit. The designer even experimented with the mood, making it more modern and dark, with glow-in-the-dark elements along with the model's neon-painted nails.  

Part two, bought out an army of colourful sci-fi warriors, what Browne explained to as "tectonic" compositions. The heavily-fabricated looks ranged from blazers and Bermuda shorts to pants and vests constructed from partially moving panels, based on the human anatomy — but "in a futuristic way," the designer stated.



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