Milan Men's Fashion Week: Versace Spring/Summer 15

Milan Men's Fashion Week: Versace Spring/Summer 15

Donatella's Cuban empire

Inspired by her trips to Cuba and Italian heritage , Donatella Versace unveiled a vibrant collection that celebrated the classical Versace motifs, athleticism and warm tropical colours

As models strode down the catwalk in white swimming bottoms wrapped like loincloths, adorned with gold fastenings — it was clear that Donatella had looked back to the archives for the embellishment and silhouettes for the Spring/Summer 15 menswear collection. 

However the use of sun-kissed colours, such as pink, purple, baby blue and the use of new prints were inspired by Cuba's vibrant culture.  

Tanned models with curled hair were seen in sporty looks from beige bomber jackets and matching shorts to white tracksuit bottoms, with the same colour T-shirt tucked into gold Versace-motif boxers. 

More formal looks consisted of an all pink crepe de chine suit — revealing the model's chest, staying true to the casual classic Havana style  white pants with gold palm leaves embroidered on them were also seen, paired with a white v-neck cardigan and a gold medusa head pendant.

Additionally, there was an abundance of barrio fishnet and Versace-branded beach towels thrown over models shoulders, who were each adorned with gold accessories. 



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