Paris Men's Fashion Week: Balenciaga Spring/Summer 15

Paris Men's Fashion Week: Balenciaga Spring/Summer 15

The futuristic sailor

Image: Balenciaga

Under the artistic direction of Alexander Wang, the men’s studio at Balenciaga looked to nautical uniforms and experimental fabrics for the label’s latest Spring/Summer collection

Sailors with a modern edge is what comes to mind when you look at Balenciaga's new menswear offerings. Overlooked by Captain Wang, the polished collection featured sailing coats and jackets with taped seams and contrasting leather belts paired with pleater leather Bermuda shorts or tailored pants, to a lightweight pea coat made of leather and jersey knit.

Tailored looks came in the form of wool mohair in cool shades of grey, black or blue with longer, sculptural jackets.

With the influence of Wang's love of casual wear, suede T-shirts with magnetic snaps, and leather tunics and shirts also made an appearance  exuding a new modern masculinity for the brand.  

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