Exclusive: Mr Porter's 12-series capsule collection

Exclusive: Mr Porter's 12-series capsule collection

Made in California

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Mr Porter

As a tribute to a popular US state, Mr Porter has teamed up with 12 local brands for an exclusive seasonal edit and they're available for a limited time only...

Luxury digital retailer Mr Porter is set to pay homage to California by launching a series of capsule collections created in partnership with 12 American brands – Amiri, The Elder Statesman, Golden Bear, James Perse, John Elliott, Mollusk Surf, Noon Goons, Outerknown, Rick Owens, Second/Layer, Simon Miller, and Stüssy. Titled Made in California, the new project features apparel and accessories inspired by the surfing, skating and street cultures of the Golden State.

"We've never done a set of capsule collections this broad with 12 individual designers across multiple categories, all centered around one idea and we've also never highlighted a location as a source of inspiration for a collection," said Mr Porter Senior Buying Manager, Sam Lobban. "Whether it be the resurgence of outdoor style from the spotlight on Northern California or the rock'n'roll, ripped trend we're seeing that's come out of LA, all roads are leading towards Californian style at the moment. Surf and skate culture is hugely popular from a main line designer perspective, through to contemporary brands like Stüssy and Second/Layer."

From the group of 12, four brands – Amiri, Noon Goons, Second/Layer and Golden Bear –will make their international debuts on the platform too. With 95 years of creating iconic jackets, Golden Bear has been a mainstay in the San Francisco fashion circuit, and while Noon Goons embodies the idea of a homegrown business by designing "clothes that are realistic to manufacture in the United States", Second/Layer focuses more on essential fashion that highlights materials and artistic elements. However, Amiri, known for infusing classic style with contemporary touches, holds the highlight of the new collection with its leather biker jacket bedecked with Swarovski crystals, which is valued at Dhs55,000.

The large number of collaborators ensures that Mr Porter's latest project allows for a full representation of quintessential Californian style, from the Elder Statesman's souvenir-inspired pieces and James Perse's relaxed leisure wear to Simon Miller's sweater and jeans ensembles and Stüssy's beachwear for the avid surfer. As well, John Elliott introduces a collection borne out of his own needs for his wardrobe, while Outerknown draws on nature's changing seasons to produce a clean aesthetic.

Mollusk Surf's Co-Founder Johanna St. Clair, however sums up the Made in Californiapartnership best when describing her own collection, saying, "We wanted to make a fun, relaxed collection that reflects California: engaged, forward thinking and informal. Our clothes touch on everything in our lives, from music and art to science and the great outdoors."

Discover Mr Porter's Made in California capsule collections now...

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