Boris Becker covers Fantastic Man

Boris Becker covers Fantastic Man

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Image: Fantastic Man

The sometimes controversial yet always entertaining tennis star Boris Becker graces the cover of the latest 'Fantastic Man' to hit the shelves

The gentlemen's bi-annual magazine Fantastic Man – which falls under the same publishing umberella as The Gentlewoman – has launched its Issue 19, featuring tennis legend Boris Becker on the cover, photographed by Juergen Teller. Part of the accompanying interview takes place at Becker's London home, in the all-too familiar district of Wimbledon. Where else, after all, would the six-time Grand Slam singles champion choose to live and work?

The rest of the magazine includes interviews with four high profile, elite menswear designers (Tom Ford, Stefano Pilati, Alessandro Sartori, and Brendan Mullane), a piece on "newshound" Richard Quest, and his fond relationship with airline crew, plus a feature on what really happens to garments when they go to the dry cleaner.

Fantastic Man Issue 19 is available now 

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