\"There is something very interesting about what you don’t reveal\" – Rosetta Getty on modest dressing

"There is something very interesting about what you don’t reveal" – Rosetta Getty on modest dressing

In conversation with the designer

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Chuck Grant
Image: Roseta Getty

Inspired by art, unique in her approach to womenswear and citing Buro 24/7's Founder Mira Duma as her muse, Rosetta Getty is a designer to wear...

The woman behind the eponymous label Rosetta Getty, has transformed her penchant for fashion from a career as a model into one as a designer. By focusing on creating a namesake brand that is as wearable as it is simple, Getty has undoubtedly created collections that speak volumes worldwide, drawing the attention of Middle Eastern women along the way. Building on modest silhouettes and an ability to interpret clothes — an achingly obvious component of Getty's design aesthetic — the designer now talks exclusively to Buro 24/7 Middle East about design, modest dressing and Mira Duma...

Describe Rosetta Getty in three words...

Elegant, minimal, strong.

Most of your collections are often inspired by art and you translate that creative aesthetic into your clothes. Which artist has inspired your collection for Pre-Fall '17?

I was inspired by female internet-based artists, think Amalia Ulman. It's artists like these who have an ability to create art that deeply understands our time, engages the internet and social media. I think that their comprehension surpasses some of the smartest CEOs in Silicon Valley.  

Interpretation by the wearer is a core philosophy of Rosetta Getty, the brand. What is your opinion on the new generation of fashion savvy consumers and how they choose to curate their own wardrobes?

I'm very inspired by the next generation of fashion consumers. I am fortunate to have three daughters with very different styles and I love seeing how they interpret the collection. 

Your brand is hugely successful in this region. What are the key traits that appeal to the Middle Eastern woman?

I'm very honoured by how Middle Eastern women have embrassed my clothes. I find great inspiration, seeing this elegant way of dressing.

You once described Buro 24/7's Founder, Miroslava Duma, as your muse. How would you describe her style and how does it connect to your brand's vision of female empowerment?

I would describe Miroslava's style as very unique. She has her own incredible and individual perspective, which is what my brand is about; I want women to make the clothes their own to work the best for their lives.

The release of your collection on features a host of modest designs, which are perfect for this region. What are your thoughts on modest dressing?

I think there is something very interesting about what you don't reveal.

What would your advice be to women in the Middle Eastern region on how they can achieve empowerment on an international level?

When thinking about this question, I am reminded of a quote by Gloria Steinem, the American journalist and activist: "The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving."

You've dressed several celebrities in the past including Kristen Stewart, Miroslava Duma and most recently, Laura Love during the CFDA Fashion Awards. What is one thing people don't know when it comes to dressing a celebrity for an event?

When dressing celebrities, I think it is important to select an outfit that suits their style.  Often we see this doesn't happen with the red carpet and it feels very inauthentic.

Rosetta Getty
What's the one thing people don't know about you?

I think one thing people don't know about me is that I'm incredibly shy.

You currently sell at fashion retailers in Kuwait, UAE and Qatar. Are there any plans for standalone stores in the region?

The Middle East is very important to our business and we plan to continue to develop our presence in the region. 

Shop Rosetta Getty's collections now on Then, browse through the designer's Spring/Summer '16 collection showcased during New York Fashion Week

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