Riccardo Tisci unveils the inspiration behind his upcoming 'public' fashion show

Riccardo Tisci unveils the inspiration behind his upcoming 'public' fashion show

Big plans for the Big Apple

Riccardo Tisci discusses the inspiration behind his bold move to stage a ‘public’ fashion show, to 1,200 members of the public, at New York Fashion Week this year. Find out what he was thinking here…

Yesterday Buro 24/7 Midle East broke the new of Givenchy creative head, Riccardo Tisci's, plans to turn the exclusive conventions of Fashion Week on its head, by opening up the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Givenchy Spring/Summer 16 show to 1200 "real people" (that is to say people that are neither famous or from the industry). Read that story here.

Now we hear more from the designer, as he opens up to WWD about his inspiration and motivation for this epic escapade: "Opening to the public was my dream for many, many years," admits Tisci, who is somewhat of a romantic, a trait that tell-tails in his many of his collections. "You know, fashion is amazing and very exclusive. But [I've long thought] one day I would love to do a show where anybody – which is the reality – could be a part of it."

The logistics of this plan have been made fairly simple, as the luxury French fashion house is working closely with the City of New York to stage this ambitious, public-audience project. And the public ticketing system is fairly straight forward – 820 of the tickets will be available on a first-come/first-served basis via an official Website, which is being set up in partnership with, the City's marketing office, and a further 280 tickets will go to students and faculty of local fashion schools. There are no other hurdles to jump, hopefuls need only be quick off the mark. 

Tisci contines to explain the significance of fulfilling his public fashion dream in New York, of all places. "My father died when I was a baby, but my mom always said to me that my father would always say to her, 'one day I will take you to the Big Apple.' It never happened," he says. "So in my blood, in my dream, in my thoughts, has always been this: 'I'm the only boy of the family. One day I will bring my mom to America.' And I did, I did a few years ago when I won the CFDA [International Award]."

Hence when the CFDA extended their invitation to Givenchy to show this year, Tisci knew this was his golden opportunity. Stay tuned to Buro 24/7 Middle East to hear more about the lead up the show, and for fresh coverage of the historical event...