\"I got killed because of it\" – Riccardo Tisci speaks out on dressing Kim Kardashian

"I got killed because of it" – Riccardo Tisci speaks out on dressing Kim Kardashian

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For the March issue of Details Magazine, Riccardo Tisci opened up in a candid interview about dressing Kim Kardashian, and the effect it had on his reputation...

Givenchy's head honcho, Riccardo Tisci, recently gave an exclusive interview to Details Magazine, opening up to the publication about his relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian

Famously, before Kardashian appeared on the cover of Vogue U.S with baby North and husband Kanye West, not many designers were keen to dress her. Tisci however, was, and he suffered because of it. Telling the magazine:

“I dress people even when they don’t have an Oscar nomination or they don’t have an album out,” he is quoted by Details. “If they’re my friends, I respect them to the end…Look at Kanye and Kim – at the beginning, I was the only one. And she’s a sweet girl. And Kanye and me, we did it together. Every designer is dying to dress her now. I didn’t care what people thought about Kim. In the beginning, I met her because of my respect for Kanye, and then I liked her a lot and we became friends. I got killed because of this. But I didn’t care.”

Tisci goes on to day: "That is a friend, you see. And this is why, when they got married, they asked me to dress them. They say, 'You've always been with us. You've been a real friend.' If I like somebody, I like somebody. If I don't like somebody, I don't like somebody." 

The 40-year-old creative also discusses his decade-long tenure at Givenchy in the new issue, which is out now.

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