\"Middle Eastern women are modern and elegant\" – Emirati architect Elham Abdul Kareem on Purificacion Garcia and desert-like dressing

"Middle Eastern women are modern and elegant" – Emirati architect Elham Abdul Kareem on Purificacion Garcia and desert-like dressing

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Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Purificacion Garcia

Purificacion Garcia has teamed up with one Middle Eastern influencer to create a lookbook designed for the desert. Here, Buro 24/7 Middle East has the first look and the inside word from Elham Abdul Kareem...

Fashion label Purificacion Garcia, has just announced a new partnership with Middle Eastern influencer, Elham Abdul Kareem. Blending the duo's creativity and artistic visions, the Spanish maison and Emirati national have created a 12-page lookbook that sees the brand's Fall/Winter '17 collection — think bomber jackets, kaftans and maxi dresses — modestly styled by Elham Abdul Kareem. Also expect to see winter hued silhouettes mixed with Purificacion's brightly-coloured accessories including handbags, clutches, belts and footwear.

Purificacion Garcia

Now, discover what Elham Abdul Kareem thinks of women in the region, fashion for Fall and her ultimate inspiration...

What's your favourite piece for Fall/Winter '17 and why?

Pieces that are elegant and suitable for our conservative community and convenient for the weather in the UAE.

Tell us about your collaboration with Purification Garcia...

The work environment has an impact on our personal choices, including our clothing. Since I'm an architect, I unconsciously pay more attention to details than general looks. As for Purification, all their pieces feature polished details like needlework and high-quality materials, while always keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

How would you describe Middle Eastern women?

It's hard to describe Middle Eastern women, especially if we take the effects of globalisation into account. In general, regardless of the region, I believe more humility means more elegance. Middle Eastern women are modern and elegant, and there is a clear competition among girls be it in clothing, makeup, hairstyle... Thank God, we don't need to leave the UAE, everything is available here.

Purificacion Garcia

Fashion advice! What's yours?

I spend a lot of time shopping, and I get upset if I don't find convincing clothing. When I'm asked why I spend a lot of time shopping without actually purchasing anything, I answer that I'm not looking for something to wear but I'm looking for an idea. Never copy or imitate someone, because what is good for them wouldn't necessarily suit you.

Purificacion Garcia's Fall/Winter '17 collection is now available at their boutique in Mirdif City Center, Dubai. Also, discover another Spanish designer's Spring/Summer '18 collection which was showcased during New York Fashion Week