\"My girl is extremely informed, courageous and irreverent\" – Massimo Giorgetti

"My girl is extremely informed, courageous and irreverent" – Massimo Giorgetti

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Massimo Giorgetti’s distinctive label MSGM was born ten years ago, and continues to be inspired by a cool fusion of music and modern femininity

Having grown up in the town of Rimini, 37-year-old Massimo Giorgetti fell in love with fashion at an early age – despite the fact that he then left school to become an accountant.

Giorgetti soon left that behind and began working for one of the most important boutiques in Riccione and roles in sales and creative consulting continued the passion he felt for the clothing industry and he finally began designing himself in 2004. By 2008 a partnership with Paoloni Group was born, starting the MSGM brand.

With a background in entrepreneurship, and above all his interest in indie music, contemporary art and digital pioneering, Giorgetti succeeds in creating a mash up of old school, technical fashion skill and tradition with a sense of detachment and revolution... And he was soon welcomed by the likes of Vogue Italia – and further afield – as a newcomer to know. Buro 24/7 sits down with the designer to find out more.

The MSGM aesthetic is very specific, how would you describe it?

MSGM is pure energy like music; colours, patterns... MSGM has an irreverent energy, it's made for people who dare!


You started your career in accounting, tell us about your decision to move to fashion...

In the second year of accounting school, at the age of 16, I had already figured out I was at the wrong school. The math books and banking were really a nightmare. I always waited impatiently for Saturday to arrive to go to the newsstand and buy all the newspapers possible plus fashion magazines: Vogue, Vogue Uomo, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, etc... I wanted them all. And I read them all.

Then at the age of seventeen I was asked to model for fittings and in a few months I learned all the technical aspect of modelling, packaging, stitching, etc. Once I finished my exams I started out as a sales man in a dear friend's boutique. From sales in store I moved on to sales in showrooms and two years later I was already working in product design. There I had the good fortune to find the Paoloni group that believed in me from the start, so much that at 24-years old I was already responsible for two clothing lines. At that moment I realised that maybe this was going to be my future and in 2009 the real adventure began.


And what has been the secret to your success?

MSGM has grown because I think it anticipated trends and offered something new. In 2009 we presented a collection with psychedelic digital prints in fluorescent colours – that was the secret to MSGM's immediate success.

Also, right from the beginning we wanted to create a contemporary collection, which wasn't very common in Italy at the time, and to communicate straightway, considering the impact that social networks were having.

I think the market was waiting for a product like ours; many young people were already getting ideas from the internet more than from the pages of magazines.


I think the market was waiting for a product like ours; many young people were already getting ideas from the internet more than from the pages of magazines


You have said that you infuse the influence of indie music into your fashion designs, how so?

My major source of inspiration is music. I love to translate the vibes and melodies in my clothes so they have that rock and soft sensation. I like to think that my collections are a material interpretation of sound: Music for your eyes!

The bands MGMT and The Strokes are specific references to your inspiration, too – which tracks have been the most inspiring?

Oracular Spectacular is definitely my favourite MSGM album, the best tracks for me are: Electric Feel, Kids and Weekend Wars. I listen to them when I work during the weekends or during fashion shows, because they give it a boost. I am also in love with the song Flash Delirium from the album Congratulations.

My favourite songs by The Strokes are Last Nite and What Ever Happened, while from the album Comedown Machine I like Tap Out, One Way Trigger and the song Instant Crush by Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas.

What is your greatest memory when it comes to watching live music?

A Coldplay concert at the Arena di Verona when they sang Fix You – with the whole arena in the dark with a single light bulb on stage. Very touching.


Who do you look up to within the fashion industry?

Walter Albini just for its intolerance to limitation.


What are you excited about in the coming year for MSGM?

In addition to the new stores opening in Hong Kong and Tokyo, what excites me the most is definitely the new collaboration with an artist.


Describe the type of girl you want to dress.

When I design, I usually think about woman without any specific reference. My girl is young and loves fashion with a capital F. She's very fashionable without being a fashion victim. She's extremely informed and in touch with everything. She's a girl that is both courageous and irreverent, a bit like the MSGM collection. My looks can be adapted in every situation, so they could fit for a casual brunch to a business cocktail.


Where do you see your brand in ten years time?

All I want is that MSGM grows slowly but surely and that it keeps the cool look it has now. I don't want it to lose any of its freshness, its sense of irony or its audacity for which it's known and appreciated.


All I want is that MSGM grows slowly but surely and that it keeps the cool look it has now


Tell us something we don't know about you.

From the ages of 17 to 20 I was a lifeguard on the beaches of the Adriatic coast. Great memories.

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