\"We referenced Bahraini pearls in a very subtle way\" – Noon By Noor

"We referenced Bahraini pearls in a very subtle way" – Noon By Noor

The Middle Eastern design duo talk Cruise 15

Image: Noon By Noor

Accomplished in presenting stellar designs to the industry now, the creative brains behind Noon By Noor speak about their latest commercial collection

Inspired specifically by the beautiful Bahraini pearl, Middle Eastern label Noor By Noor makes subtle references to the sea's gem throughout its Cruise 15 collection, found amongst floral embellishments and via the line's sheer fabric selections.

Buro sits down with Bahraini cousins Sheikha Haya and Sheikha Noor to find out more:


Tell us more about the inspiration behind this line...

Sh.   Noor: Bahraini pearls are renowned for their superior quality and exquisite lustre, and up until the 1930s were considered more precious than diamonds, attracting famous jewellers such as Jacques Cartier to the country in search of the finest pearls. So naturally, we found this pursuit for excellence quite fitting as a starting point for the collection. We referenced pearls in a very subtle way placing them amongst the floral embellishments, while silver and lavender grey fabrics are reminiscent of the pearl's lustre.

Sh. Haya: This season we played with the concept of contrast and taking things out of context. We did this by offsetting sportswear with feminine embellishments and pairing bold prints with minimalist tailoring to create a modern sensibility. We referenced the 1960s in terms of silhouettes and the use of black and white colour blocking.

"Pre collections make up at least 50% or more of a buyers seasonal order so the market is definitely growing" – haya

And the prints and fabrics?

Noor: The floral prints were inspired by Bahraini flowers so these are quite feminine. The retro regent print, reminiscent of the 1970s, is bold and playful. For the embellishments, we used raffia ribbon to create flowers with crystal centres. There are also crystal and pearl droplets, modern acrylic plexi pieces and flower clusters.

Haya:  In terms of fabrics throughout the collection, we used a lot of silk and cotton blends for a lightweight and sporty feel. We also used an interesting laminated coated jersey in silver with a textured iridescence to it, which we found modern and striking.


Did you have a woman in mind when designing it?

Noor: The Noon By Noor woman embodies the essence of nonchalant chic. She is sophisticated, and intelligent and is not afraid to experiment with her look by incorporating colour, textures and prints.

Haya: For Resort in particular, she is effortless in her styling choices, balancing sleek, sporty separates with feminine details to create an effortless and modern aesthetic.

How well do your inter-seasonal collections do? Do you feel the market is growing for Cruise and Pre Fall?

Noor: Commercially, Resort and Pre-Fall are very important for us as they are the link between our Fall and Spring collections.  Compared to our main lines, pre collections include more classic everyday staples such as blouses, skirts and outerwear so they are much more practical and commercial. Meanwhile, our Fall and Spring collections allow us to indulge in our creativity and design styles specifically for the runway.

Haya: Pre collections make up at least 50% or more of a buyers seasonal order so the market is definitely growing for Resort and Pre-Fall. Despite the extra work that goes into our pre collections, they are very beneficial for us, providing early deliveries of commercial stock to our retailers as well as allowing us to experiment with new fabrics and silhouettes to see what works and what sells. We also love the idea of being able to provide a more wearable take on our runway offering.


What is your favourite piece from the collection?

Noor: The navy dropped empire waist gown.

Haya: Silver hooded sweater.


What are you currently working on?
Noor: We are currently working on our Pre-Fall 2015 collection, which will launch at the beginning of January. We have introduced some new silhouettes and developed some beautiful embellishments, which we are excited about.

Haya: Our Fall 2015 show is coming up in February at NYFW so we are 
simultaneously working on that collection and preparing for the show. 

Take a closer look at the designer duo's Cruise 2015 collection below: 


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