Want Monica Vinader's jewellery advice? We have it!

Want Monica Vinader's jewellery advice? We have it!

"Don't stick to any rules"

Interview: Shannon Wylie

Image: Monica Vinader

Leading luxury jewellery designer Monica Vinader is a rare gem as Buro 24/7 Middle East discovers during her visit to Dubai...

M onica Vinader is a staple on the sparklingly saturatured jewellery market. However her unique eponymous brand has been a standout (and a sell out) on the shelves at Boutique 1 since it first launched in the winter of 2014 and now, the British-based designer is expanding her jewel-encrusted reign in the Middle East with her first standalone boutique. Here, Buro 24/7 Middle East talks to Vinader about fine jewellery advice, fashioning a brand and fly-fishing...

Congratulations on your first Dubai store. We know each of your concept stores are quite different. What sets this one apart?

The store interior reflects the brand very well with high specification materials, custom fixtures and fittings creating a welcoming and vibrant luxury shopping environment. Amongst many unique features are the 1950's furniture and chandeliers that I have personally hand-picked specifically for the Mall of Emirates store. It also offers a friendship bar where customers can select their bracelet and enjoy complementary, same day engraving service.

You work with the same architect who developed your first store. Why is it so important to keep the same flavour through your floors?

It is important our stores around the globe are aligned with the brand's philosophy to allow customers to receive the same Monica Vinader experience anywhere in the world!

Your collection is a firm favourite in the region. What are the most popular pieces in the Middle Eastern market and why?

Our classic and personalised pieces such as the iconic Fiji bracelet and the Baja collection remain best sellers in the region. Our Diamonds collection including our newly launched Riva pieces have also proven very successful. We find that our Arabic clientele loves the personalisation aspect of the brand as well as the versatility of the pieces and are constantly looking for the latest designs.

Monica Vinader Friendship Bracelets

Your jewellery definitely has a distinct DNA. How did you develop the Monica Vinader concept?

I've always set out to design pieces that sit between fashion and fine jewellery. By using Sterling silver and gold vermeil, we can keep the price point accessible, and still create contemporary designs that are instantly wearable.

What's your favourite stone to wear and why?

As we approach spring summer, my current favourite is the Aquamarine stone. I love my Aquamarine pieces from the new Siren collection.

What's one thing people don't know about you?

I have a passion for fly-fishing!

What's your advice to people who are buying Monica Vinader for the first time?

Don't stick to any rules. Buy and wear what you most love and don't hold off from stacking and layering!

What's the secret to your success? You're quite a niche brand but it's loved the world over...

I believe personalisation is key in what we do, and our customers find the idea of stacking and layering very appealing! I always create something that I love to wear myself and I think that is what the success is really based on. It is very personal and people feel that.

You're in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Will you be expanding into Saudi or Qatar?

We are currently discussing our next international move so watch this space!

What's next for you?

A very exciting year ahead and things are moving incredibly quickly for us at the moment. We are currently having discussions about more international locations and have a number of amazing collections lined up, including friendship, diamonds and gemstones!

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is available at the flagship store at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai and on

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