Watch now: Up close with Giorgio Armani in a rare video interview

Watch now: Up close with Giorgio Armani in a rare video interview

Celebrating 40 years with BoF

As Giorgio Armani celebrates the 40 year anniversary milestone, he sits down for a rare in-depth interview. Tune in here to discover how he started out and more importantly how he has kept it all going and growing...

Amidst the continued celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Armani fashion brand, and the opening of the new Armani/Silos exhibition, Giorgio Armani sat down for a rare video interview with the Business of Fashion (BoF). The 80-year-old designer talks about how he built his brand, and more impressive yet, has retained 100 percent ownership of his business, which generates revenues of more than €2 billion per year. 

Celebrated for his work, despite a relatively late start in the industry, Armani originally trained as a doctor before he stumbled into the fashion world at the age of 40, before launching his signature relaxed tailoring style to the world.

As BoF's sits down with the man himself inside the sprawling 50,000-square-foot museum where Armani's vast archive is currently being showcased, we discover how his savvy business instincts and creative vision have helped him arrive at a position where he has multi level labels from the entry level Armani Exchange, to the bespoke Armani Prive, and even Armani Casa, the homewares brand.  All the while remaining relevant to "the world we live in." Take a look at the in dept interview in the video below. 

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