\"I grew up on high street fashion\" – Georgia May Jagger

"I grew up on high street fashion" – Georgia May Jagger

The young fashion star speaks to Buro 24/7

Interview: Buro 24/7

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Georgia May Jagger has a dynamite combination of genes. Her father is the biggest rock star in the world – the seemingly indestructible Mick Jagger – while her mother is voluptuous red-blooded Texan supermodel, Jerry Hall

The first thing you notice about Georgia May Jagger is her full lips – a reminder of her famous father, and gorgeous long blond hair – just like mum. 

She disarms you with her genuine smile and the charming gap between her front teeth in an instant. We spoke to the British model in London, on the set of the advertising campaign of the brand Reserved. As the new face of the brand, Jagger succeeds her friend Cara Delevingne. The shoot took place in various locations in the city, finally concluding at a studio in East London.

After a few hours of waiting, Georgia was finally able to join us for a quick chat...


You have been in the modelling business for six years already, and quickly working for some of the most important names in the fashion industry. What was the first big job that came your way?

The first big job was the cover of Russian Vogue, and after that the cover of the British edition. Soon I was hired for Hudson Jeans campaign. Everything came together in just one summer and I wasn't even aware what was going on or that this was the turning point for me. I was pretty shocked.


Now that the shooting is complete for Reserved, can you single out some key pieces that you would wear?

I love the comfortable knitwear that can be worn as dresses. Oversized coats are wonderful as well, especially the pink one that you'll see in the campaign. The shoes are also very comfortable which is hard to find.


What would you say the Reserved girl is like?

I think she is a little bit sexy, but in a shy kind of way. The collection is full of everyday pieces that are really very comfortable to wear.


Do you wear high street brands in your private life?

Of course, I'm English after all. I grew up on Topshop and high street brands. My parents weren't very indulging when it came to designer clothes and crazy shopping sprees, I had my own allowance that I had to learn how to spend. I think wearing only designer clothes can be quite boring, I prefer to mix and match, have one timeless designer piece and then combine it with plain high street shirts or tights.


"My parents weren't very indulging when it came to designer clothes"


How would you describe your own style?

I'm not sure, maybe as a mixture of glam and tomboy. I appreciate comfort. I love sneakers, Dr. Martens and loose-fitting overalls. I wear high heels on castings because I'm fairly short for a model.

"I grew up on high street fashion" – Georgia May Jagger (фото 1)

What's your fashion 'must-have'?

A black leather jacket and high heeled boots always works for me.


What is your favourite fashion moment?

I would have to say this year's Met Gala. Thierry Mugler designed a dress just for me and I loved it!


How do you stay fit? Do you work out?

Not at all. I know I should, but all the travelling I have to make is so exhausting that I don't have the time. Only this week I spent 24 hours on a plane, and I have another transatlantic flight tomorrow.


Models often say that the worst thing about the profession is the loneliness... Do you agree?

When I feel lonely I watch bad quality shows on my laptop.


Like Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

No, not that bad (laughs). I'm addicted to a show called Scandal.


Do you find time for friends in your busy schedule?

Of course. My best friends are models (Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse) so we somehow manage to put our schedules together and hang out.


How do you handle the media in Great Britain? They are known for being quite ruthless when it comes to tabloid journalism.

It's true that they are quite ruthless. I don't encounter them much because I'm pretty scandal free. They probably think I'm boring.


"We all know that this line of work can't last forever"


Georgia May Jagger 4

Do you have a passion besides modelling?

I love photography and I even took photography classes. But at this point I'm more focused on modelling because we all know that this line of work can't last forever.


There are quite a few models on the scene today that are older than 40...

There has been a change considering that the girls don't change from season to season. I think people today want personality and a face that they can connect with the brand and what it represents. My mother still can't believe that there is work for her, although I wouldn't say there are many famous models after the age of 40. But it's good that different generations of women work as models because people who buy products are not all teenagers.


How would you spend your perfect day off?

I like to sleep late, have a nice breakfast, visit my brother who lives here in East London and who I don't get to see very often. And possibly end the day with a good dinner.

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