Happy Birthday Franca Sozzani: The 'Vogue Italia' Editor-in-Chief is 64 today

Happy Birthday Franca Sozzani: The 'Vogue Italia' Editor-in-Chief is 64 today

Inspirational quotes from the fashion icon

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The iconic editor-in-chief on style, fashion evolution and her time in the Middle East

Playing an integral part in welcoming a first of its kind fashion event in the Middle East, Franca Zozzani was prevalent in The Dubai Mall's Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience last year – a night that shined an international spotlight on the city, showcasing the designs of eight upcoming fashion talents.

Franca Sozzani birthday

As the iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia turns 64-years-old today, Buro 24/7 reflects on a few of her key quotes on style, and her time in the Middle East:

"Dubai is the new fashion capital.  All the big brands are here and the quality of the city is very high – and in a continuous evolution. Dubai is the capital of a market that is incredibly flourishing, a new centre of fashion."

"I'm fed up with fashion stories looking alike. Of course you can have one picture that's better than another, or a model that's more beautiful than another, but more or less, it's the same girls, the same clothes, and the same photographers. You have to find something new."

"I do not think that a different fashion style exists from each country individually. Nowadays, fashion is globally consumed and followed. The signature style that differs from each place lies in the country's culture."

 Franca Sozzani birthday

"Images are an international language that speak to everyone. The images are what talk."

"I have been working in fashion for more than 25 years and met many designers. I can say there is true talent in the Middle East region."

"I'm always moved by places that still consider tradition and culture to be important."

When asked to describe Dubai in three words: "The future, projected."

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