Exclusive: Moda Operandi's Elizabeth Leventhal and her shopping secrets

Exclusive: Moda Operandi's Elizabeth Leventhal and her shopping secrets

A buyer's life biography

Image: Moda Operandi

When it comes to e-commerce few women have more power than Moda Operandi's Elizabeth Leventhal, who takes time out to talk shop with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

S he's at the helm of one of the internet's most sought after shopping sites, she has that envious jet-setting lifestyle and she's on the frow at the most coveted runway shows. Now Elizabeth Leventhal, Moda Operandi's Head of Buying is trend forecasting exclusively with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

You've just done the fashion season. Now what?

It never really ends! Since we buy every category we are constantly in market, which is the beauty of curating an entire closet. We are consistently building an offer that is exciting and new. We closely work with all the teams too - PR, stylists, marketing - to build content and trends for our customer to experience. After we finish market, we sit with the entire company and have a huge meeting on new designers, exciting collections, why we loved a certain collection, must-have items, and a kick off for the season. 

Which collections from fashion week stood out to you as being the go-to for next season?

NYC: Tome and Carolina Herrera

LONDON: Emilia Wickstead, Peter Pilotto

MILAN: Dolce & Gabbana, Marni

PARIS: The Row, Valentino

Is the Middle East a core demographic for Moda Operandi and if so, which countries do you find flock to the site most?

Absolutely. We see a lot of clients shop with us from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

As a buyer, do you pay particular attention to trends that will work in our region and if so, how do you buy for the region?

We pay attention globally when we buy. The Moda woman is an international woman who travels and resides all around the world.

Our Middle Eastern client is extremely sophisticated, she understands fashion and who she wants to be each season. Our stylists often receive requests for gowns and dresses, it's important for us to be culturally aware but also intuitive, for example, the summer months are so warm, we must take into consideration fabrics and how they wear.

When it comes to the Middle Eastern market, which local designers do you keep an eye on?

Nathalie Trad and Zuhair Murad.

Top three online shopping tips please...

1. Don't be afraid of colour.

2. Not sure on your size? It's okay to order one size larger, tailoring is a good thing.

3. Read fit notes, they are there for a reason! 

Who are the new names to watch out for?

Brandon Maxwell, Kym Ellery and Johanna Ortiz.

Top three travel tips too please...

1. The time change can be a lot some mornings, so glasses are perfect to camoflage a tired eye.

2. I also always try to make plans ahead of time with friends and family that will be in town. I pack according to my plans and bring two extra options for a last minute calendar change.

3. The best way to combat jet-leg is rose water and a bold lip — my pick is Sisley's Rouge Passion.

If you could change or add one thing about the online shopping process what would it be and why?

I sometimes miss the touch and feel aspect, there are some designs that must be appreciated in person, but that's why I love our London space.