Exclusive: Georgina Chapman talks Marchesa's show at Arab Fashion Week

Exclusive: Georgina Chapman talks Marchesa's show at Arab Fashion Week

Pre-Fall '17

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Arab Fashion Week

Day one of Arab Fashion Week saw one internationally-renowned brand end the night with a coveted Pre-Fall '17 collection. Buro 24/7 Middle East spoke with the Co-Founder exclusively...

From New York to Dubai, American luxury brand Marchesa jet-setted to the emirate to unfold its Pre-Fall '17 collection during day one of Arab Fashion Week. Beautiful as it is feminine, the closing collection showcased Co-Founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's speciality in couture, draping and embroidery with a collection that embodies the fashion house — feminine, floral and fairytale-esque. 

Backstage, Marchesa's Georgina Chapman, discussed the collection exclusively with Buro 24/7 Middle East saying: "Pre-Fall '17 is based on the history of Faberge and the intricacies of the eggs. You'll see a lot of pastel colours and a lot of floral prints too. We were also looking at oil paintings with florals as we tend to mix a couple of elements so the collection doesn't become too one-note. We threw in some Marchesa classics as well — jewels, buechel beads, 3D flowers and lace."

Since opening Marchesa's first-ever stand-alone store in The Dubai Mall in December, the brand has continuously attracted the region's ideal Middle Eastern woman, which Chapman described as, "glamorous". "She's not afraid of being beautiful, she's happy to make a statement and I think she embodies everything that is quintessentially Marchesa," continued Chapman. "I think for us in Marchesa, we're very excited about the opportunity of being here in Dubai. A lot of our customer base is here, we're very proud of our store and I enjoy working with the women here, so I hope to expand. We also show in New York but most people don't have the opportunity to go there, so for me, it's exciting to be where my customer is and to meet with them." 

Now, discover Marchesa's Pre-Fall '17 collection show during Arab Fashion Week...

Marchesa's collections are now available at the brand's flagship store at The Dubai Mall. Also, stay connected to @buro247me on Instagram for more live coverage from Arab Fashion Week. 

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