Exclusive: Dean and Dan Caten on Dsquared2 SS16

Exclusive: Dean and Dan Caten on Dsquared2 SS16


Interview: Shannon Wylie

Image: DSquared

Drop in and discover Dsquared2's SS16 dynamic collection as Buro 24/7 Middle East speaks to the designers about their sophisticated surf-styled collection...

M ixing the colours of couture with the contours of the sea equals a surf-inspired SS16 collection for Dsquared. In an exclusive interview Buro 24/7 Middle East's Editor in Chief Shannon Wylie speaks to Dean and Dan Caten about their namesake label and why this seasonal collection is a standout...

Surfing is currently trending in fashion. Why do you think that is and what elements did you really draw on: the waves, the equipment, the lifestyle?

Surfing is more like a mood, it's a way of being and a way to face your life. Surfing means being yourself, challenging your fears and exceeding your limits. It's about positivism and heart, colours and good vibes. 

As fashion designers, it's easier and important to translate those positive feelings into something extremely colourful and different; into something not so serious.

That's what we do! That's what Dsquared2 does through fashion. Be daring, ride on and do that with Dsquared2 style!


Do you surf and where are your favourite waves or beaches? And did you know there are a few secret surf spots in the Middle East namely Dubai, Sharjah and Oman...

We have tried to surf in Mexico but it's very difficult. But the beach is amazing, energising and it's pure adrenaline.


The Middle East offers everything and this is not a surprise that you have beautiful and secret spots for surfing! It could be the right excuse to come there again, we love it! We always have such a great time! 

Commercially, what made the SS16 collection stand out from others?

The SS16 collection is strong and bright. It has contrasts in terms of fabrics and colours, yet it mixes technical structures with eccentric and sparkling details. Then there's the surfing elements, tropical accents and a touch of couture.

Dsquared SS16

It is unexpected and surprising. It is glamorous and stylish, all at the same time. It naturally values the feminine body. That's how it stand out from the others.


The Dsquared2 SS16 collection is available at their flagship stores across the Middle East now.