DVF's favourite TED Talks

DVF's favourite TED Talks

The designer's top 5

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Image: Getty Images is basically a video wikipedia: a plethora of content on a plethora of subjects which sometimes means it is difficult to decide which to watch first. The authoritative selection of Diane von Furstenberg solves this problem

TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences have been held since 1984. During these talks, outstanding individuals from around the world discuss thought provoking concepts, which are compiled to enable the viewer to think and be inspired. All of these lectures (codenamed TED Talks) are then posted for public access on the official site. 

Among the Diane Von Furstenberg's favourite lectures are talks about architecture and science, fear and creativity, perception of body language and overcoming social problems. 

Watch Diana's TED Talk playlist below now:

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