Dries Van Noten speaks about looking back and moving forward

Dries Van Noten speaks about looking back and moving forward

"The good thing about fashion is that you always go ahead"

One of the shining beacons of the Belgium fashion industry, Dries Van Noten, opens up about success and the perpetual forward momentum of the fashion world. Find out more here...

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten opens up in a frank conversation with Vestoj about nostalgia, success and moving forward. The designer speaks cautiously, as if always aware of his own fortune, even if it has been hard fought. 

The bold designer helped to put Belgium on the fashion map and didn't have any reservations about enlisting his own name for the eponymous label, when the rest of the world had not yet got to grips with the hard-to-pronounce Belgium names. And now the designer opens up about what lies ahead for his fashion brand. 

When confronted with his own quote: "The good thing about fashion is that you always go ahead, the next, the next, the next – you don't have time to look back'. The designer expands on his view of the past: "It is good to look back, but I don't want to be nostalgic. I don't see the point of dressing up in clothes from the past; there's a reason why fashion changes with the times," he elaborated. 

Speaking about the second guessing and doubts that filter into collection presentations Van Noten says: "Everyday [I have doubts] I never stop questioning what I do. Before a fashion show I might get nervous and start thinking, 'Maybe we should have chosen different music, or maybe those shoes aren't quite right'. But at the same time, if you're perfectly sure of everything you do, then what's the point?"

And what does success mean to the man who drives forward in fashion? "Success and happiness are intertwined. To me success is not about scoring, as it is to a lot of people. It's about feeling good about things, it's about living a good life."

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