Donna Karan addresses Harvard Business School students

Donna Karan addresses Harvard Business School students

Revealing details about her career and philanthropic pursuits

Image: Brown Political Review
Image: Donna Karan

Fashion designer, astute businesswoman and philanthropist Donna Karan speaks to students during a college conference in America

As part of the 10th annual Retail & Luxury Goods Conference, Donna Karan made an appearance at America's Harvard Business School, where she spoke to hundreds of students, offering a unique insight into her career.

Following Karan's presentation for the conference titled, 'The Consumer Revolution: Redefining Retail & Luxury for the Next Decade', the designer stayed for around 90 minutes, conversing with guests who were interested in finding out about her philanthropic endeavours.

Donna Karan Harvard Business School

"The students were interested in how to help others most effectively. I said it wasn't just about helping another country, but about collaborating with them. To connect them and with people who have experience and creativity in fields that appreciate artisan work and can take their craft and help put it in a modern context, as well as help with quality support," Karan revealed.

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