In focus: Kuwait-based talent Dominik Jasiński

In focus: Kuwait-based talent Dominik Jasiński

Fashion is art!

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The young talent who collaborates with Polish designer Maciej Muszynski on Mima Bags and is just as comfortable painting Lady Mary from Downton Abbey as he is whimisical fashion illustrations

32 year old Dominik Jasiński was born in Poland, he graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, specialising in drawing the anatomy of the human body. His works can now be found hanging amongst the private collections of esteemed collectors in the UK, Canada, Portugal, Kuwait, France, Luxemburg, Spain, Germany as well as his native Poland. 

Dominik doesn't restrict his art to canvas - the young talent turns to fashion - designing bags and t-shirts as well as pottery and branding for large retailers and luxury businesses. He also curates exhibitions to give other artists a chance to display their work, this is in conjunction with the Gallery of the National Theatre of Poland in Warsaw.

Currently based in Kuwait, join us as we explore the creative world of Dominik Jasiński - illustrator, painter and talented rising star...

On his use of materials:

My favourite medium is ink and pencil, as I graduated in graphic design (printing), we mainly used these tools and they are comforting. Although in painting I use a lot of colour - very vibrant and lively oil paints which I use on canvas. I tried painting with acrylics a couple of times, but they lack depth and go darker while drying. With oils I can achieve different textures and almost a 3D effect. Painting with oils is like discovering something new each time; I can play with them and try new styles. I think being an artist is the best job in the world.


On how he starts the creative process:

Usually I have an idea in my head for weeks. I think about it first thing when I wake up and last thing before bedtime. It sort of grows in me - developing and maturing as time passes. Inevitably there comes the time when I cannot just simply think about - I have to put it in motion. It doesn't matter if it is 3 o'clock in the morning; I just get up and work. But there are some more spontaneous projects as well, when I simply start drawing, painting or designing and go with the flow. Not every action (especially in art) has to be thought through, sometimes it's better just to let go of your imagination and create as you go, without any second thoughts.



On inspiration:

I always found human body the most inspiring thing - especially the anatomy of it, with its beauty and with its faults. Even to think about it, it's such a complicated and skilled machine - the human. A long time ago I learned to observe what surrounds me, to study nature, the human anatomy, the anatomy of plants and animals. With that knowledge I was able to start transforming what I see into what I want to see. Because it's not difficult to draw a human body from your imagination. It is difficult though, when you look at it - but using your imagination you change and adjust it to your own desires. Every day there is something that inspires me. The weather, the people around me - it doesn't take much to get me started.


On his future ambitions:

My biggest aspiration is to combine art with more commercial projects. Not loosing the valuable process of creation at the same time. Currently I am looking for somebody to help me producing my line of t-shirts and shoes. The designs are ready, but it is hard to find somebody who can produce it.


On artists he looks up to:

I love looking at other artist's work. It gives me a kick and motivates me to work harder. When I was younger I was admiring mainly European artists from the Fin de Sciecle movement, like Klimt or Mucha. Still to this day, whenever I see their artwork, I'm completely mesmerised. I also come back often to Polish masters like Wyspianski or Wojtkiewicz. And definitely the artist that influences me the most is Egon Schiele. A lot of my inspirations comes from fashion designers - I love Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier as well as literature and music. 


On the best advice he ever received:

Definitely not to be afraid and always go forward. Work hard and don't look back.


On his greatest achievement:

This year I was chosen (amongst other 4 Polish artists) to take part in a project called Dumni Polska ("Proud to be Polish"). The project is supported by the Polish government and European Union. It is to promote my country around the world - its rich culture, economy, history and traditions. The project will travel to all the continents for next 3 years, exhibiting Polish art in 80 countries. But really, it is hard to say what I consider the greatest achievement, they are all so different. And I know - the best is still to come.

Kuwaity based artist

On his next project inspired by Arabic and Islamic culture:

When I came to Kuwait I didn't know quite what to expect. All I knew was that I would find new sensations, new inspirations and a whole new culture. But honestly - I did not expect it to be so rich and friendly. I fell in love with Arabic ornaments and patterns, with vibrant colours and even with the dust from the desert. I thought it would be difficult to do what I like the most - to paint people. But it is not. And I am not here to impose my style or way of painting; I'm here to learn. Whenever you go to a foreign country you have to be aware of the way of living there. I have a lot of respect for the Islamic culture and I can tell now, that it influences the way I look at things and the way I work. I'm quite certain that in the future I will look back at the time I've spent here and think: that was a great and very stimulating experience.


At the moment I'm working on a new series of graphics and paintings heavily influenced by Arabic patterns. Showing the beauty of people in a non-obvious way, partly hidden under the veil of mystery. It is very challenging to me, but feels natural in a way. And I am one of these people that definitely like the challenge.