Delpozo Diary part one: Josep Font talks inspiration, vision and couture

Delpozo Diary part one: Josep Font talks inspiration, vision and couture

A seven-part diary

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As Delpozo orchestrated a masterpiece runway show during New York Fashion Week, the maison's creative chief shared his diary in a Buro 24/7 exclusive...

Since 2012, Josep Font has headed a new fashion revolution at Delpozo. From a new name and a new digital platform to new artistic vision and creative implementations, the Spanish designer has undoubtedly brought about an age of renaissance to the maison. At the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, Font once again demonstrated his fearlessness in pushing the fashion boundaries and in a Buro 24/7 exclusive, he shared his thoughts in a diary that showcased the method, and the genius, of the man. Here then, is the beginning of the Delpozo diary...

Delpozo diary Part 1 Josep Font

"I used to go shopping with my mum to very elegant boutiques in Barcelona. Even as a young child, she would bring me along and always ask my opinion. I think that in some way she knew. Those shopping trips inspired my life-long interest in fashion and provided an opportunity to get up close and personal with couture. I always wanted to change things, to develop my own aesthetic."

"That said, I preferred going down a more traditional path and studied architecture, but I felt something was missing so I started overlapping it with design courses. Encouraged by a friend, I decided to participate in the Air France Mode Prix in Paris, which I ended up winning. It was showcased at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Probably, that was the moment I realized that fashion was my true calling.  

Delpozo diary Part 1 Josep Font

"I've always known that I wanted to be apart of this creative world but I did not take the most conventional path. I decided to study architecture instead of fashion. However, it influenced me deeply. Everything I learnt there I still apply today in my collections. Through architecture, I gained insight into proportion, shape and volume. I've learnt that architecture and fashion have a lot in common: it's all about proportion. It's the idea of a whole, every piece must have its proportion and the full collection must be balanced. Also, it's about teamwork. In Delpozo we have an amazing atelier team made up by people who have been in the company for decades and their knowledge in craftsmanship is very valuable. That said, there is new generations joining the team like our embroiderers, for example, who are under 30 and were trained at Lesage. The most interesting thing is to see how the old and the new generation work side by side, each one teaching the other something new.


I like to define Delpozo as a prêt-à-couture brand. We embrace couture techniques in the process of our garments – the fabrics we use, the handmade details such as our embroidery and the artisanal process such as draping on mannequins – but we also translate all of that to a production order. Some pieces might only have three units in the whole world, due to the complexity of their construction, but other pieces like our poplin blouses are a really big hit, and each season we receive a large order from our retail partners.

Delpozo Diary part one: Josep Font talks inspiration, vision and couture (фото 1)

"To me Delpozo is an attitude and a lifestyle. When I was appointed creative director, my goal was to start a new chapter for the house, creating a modern vision while also respecting the legacy of the brand. Delpozo was a renewed fashion house in Spain but the rest of the world was unaware of the brand... I wanted to take it globally."I think the business of making clothes has changed a lot in the past few years. Nowadays everything needs to spin faster and faster and fashion is adjusting to this new speed, with technology and new needs. But that said, here in Delpozo we follow our own timing. Time is the new luxury and luxury requires time."

Now, browse Delpozo's Fall/Winter '17 collection.

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