Delpozo Diary part two: The art of couture-making

Delpozo Diary part two: The art of couture-making

Josep Font in conversation

Text: Buro 24/7

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Continue the Joseph Font story during New York Fashion Week, as the maison's creative chief shares his diary exclusively with Buro 24/7...

After offering insight into his inspirations, ideals as well as vision in part one of the exclusive Buro 24/7 Delpozo Diary, creative maestro Josep Font now shares an intimate look into his creative processes. From selecting fine fabrics to maintaining a high fashion benchmark, discover the details of Delpozo in part two...

"Delpozo is a prêt-à-couture brand, it fuses the craftsmanship and tradition associated with couture, with a modern way of production," beging Font. "It's a crossroads between haute couture and prêt-à-porter. Each look goes into production, but most pieces have some level of craftsmanship"

"All of our ready-to-wear production is based in Spain, and it was actually very hard to find the level of skills in order to get the results we wanted. There are fewer and fewer people who have the know-how of patterns and construction I need for my designs. It was a lot of work to source partners who could manage the collections.

Delpozo Diary part two: The art of couture-making (фото 1)

"My priority is creativity and rigor to the smallest details, without forgetting wishes and needs of real women, because that's the purpose of clothing in the modern world: to express who you are. And the ideal Delpozo woman doesn't have a specific age, nationality or profession, but what she does have is a defined attitude towards fashion and life.  

"As I said, haute couture is part of the DNA of the house so we follow a similar methodology to create our garments. We spend months researching and modelling by hand, which is a complicated way of working but it's also what makes us different.

Delpozo Diary part two: The art of couture-making (фото 2)

"We work in a very spacious room filled with natural light. In the middle, we have a huge table where we do all kinds of things: draw, embroider, select materials... It's where I have my meetings with my team. I always put up a mood board to keep me inspired throughout the season. Every season my inspiration is different and I start by considering two different concepts, sometimes antagonistic, and I try to find common links between them. I'm usually drawn to any type or form of art and nature.

"I can't say which is the hardest part of the whole process of creating a collection, but I do feel it doesn't get any easier, I think it becomes harder and harder! I'm a perfectionist so if it weren't for the calendar limitation, I would keep on working on them forever.

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"I also usually spend a lot of time looking for fabrics, I love to research for different types and develop them in innovative ways. The same happens with colours; I enjoy researching the perfect hues and surprising combinations. I need to challenge myself constantly."

Now, browse Delpozo's Fall/Winter '17 collection.

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