Delpozo Diary part three: How Josep Font styles his collections

Delpozo Diary part three: How Josep Font styles his collections

In conversation with the designer

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A month on from New York Fashion Week and Josep Font reflects on the FW17 runway show in an exclusive seven-part diary for Buro 24/7. This is the third instalment...

When it comes to styling and make-up minimalism Delpozo's Josep Font, expertly translates these elements as seen in his Fall/Winter '17 collection during New York Fashion Week. After offering insight into his creative processes, inspirations and on-set preparations, Font now explains the importance of styling, editing and beauty within his seven-part diary. Read the third part of the Delpozo diary now...

Font on styling

"Styling is one of the most important things when it comes to expressing what's behind the whole collection. More than styling, I think it's about editing. Editing creates balance and cohesion between all of the pieces. When I'm developing a collection, through the process of research and design, I've already started to style the collection."

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"For Fall/Winter '17, I wanted to focus on different types of knits that had a defined hood and use this piece for most of the looks in the collection. In some cases, I went on to having them embroidered as I was inspired by the plumage of hummingbirds. However, creating that visual image during the process is very important as it is key to what you will be bringing to the audience. What effect are you looking to create? What impact are you looking for? Therefore, when the collection is almost ready, I usually need to take a step back and go over it piece by piece, look by look. Usually, the whole collection is always in my head before I complete it, but I always leave some room for last minute changes. This doesn't happen very often. 

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Delpozo Diary part three: How Josep Font styles his collections (фото 3)

"Nature and art are my favourite inspiration sources: I find peace being in the countryside (when I'm able to escape the city on the weekends). Nature is constantly inspiring me and my collections tend to be very organic. For this collection, my main sources of inspiration are the Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai and his paintings based on blurring reality through colours. For the circular shapes in garments and accessories, I also took inspiration from Max Bill's sculptures, they're very organic shapes. Rather than basing his art on function, Bill wanted to radiate a certain spirituality through his creations. That is what really influenced me.  


"To me, it's very important to create a balance between evening and daywear. I feel sometimes people see Delpozo as only gowns and cocktail dresses, but we are so much more! Besides the collection that goes down the runway, there are a lot of what we call commercial pieces, which aren't what we consider "commercial" at all, they are just pieces that had to be edited out for the fashion show, but will be offered in the market.

Font on makeup

"I'm involved in the direction of hair and makeup, as it is as important to ponder how to style the models in sync with the clothes — it helps to highlight the key elements of the collection. I've been working for years with two close collaborators: makeup artist Monica Marmo and hair consultant Marcel Montlleó. They understand perfectly what Delpozo stands for and are able to translate it in the best way for each season. 

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"For FW17 we collaborated for the first time with NARS and it was such a great partnership. They are very much like us — quality over quantity. We went for a very natural look but with texture, creating a subtle glitter-flecked eye along with pink as a standout shade on the eyes, then on the lips it was a pretty wash of colour. For nails, the manicure style was very natural and we created it in collaboration with Priti NYC. As for hair, this season was a bit tricky with the embroidered hoodies so we had to create a very clean look, in collaboration with Aveda."

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