Delpozo Diary part six: Josep Font on social media and technology

Delpozo Diary part six: Josep Font on social media and technology

A seven-part diary

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Speaking about technology, social media and how it affects the industry, Delpozo's Creative Chief shares his digital diary in a Buro 24/7 exclusive...

In part six of Josep Font's diary for Delpozo, Font shares insight into what the future holds for the Spanish brand. Several maison's in the fashion industry, including Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger, have acquired the see-now buy-now concept and Font shares his thoughts on the movement, along with his views on how social media and technology affect his creative process. Read part six of the Delpozo Diary here...

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"I've always been intrigued by fashion from a young age. I always gave my opinion when I would accompany my mother on her shopping trips too. Even when I was studying architecture, I still had fashion on my mind. Then, I realised that I wanted to take this path because it was the way I could express, at best, my ideas and aesthetic. So, I started taking design courses on the side, without my family knowing. I entered a competition, which I ended up winning, and through that, a Spanish national newspaper published the news. Funnily enough, my uncle saw me and showed it to my father, who of course was unaware of this! He encouraged me! He said that if that was what I wanted to do, I should do it, but I had to be the best. Now that I've been in fashion for quite some time, I still love it like the first day!

"Even if the fashion industry is constantly changing and you have to keep readjusting your way of work, there are a few things that I like to keep as is, at least for now. For example, the 'see-now buy-now' concept and 'fast fashion', I totally understand that we live in a world where, due to technology, everything is spinning faster and faster every day, but there are some things that still require time. They always will. That's why time it's essential, and the ultimate true luxury. Without it, I wouldn't be able to create the collections I'm doing. 

At delpozo we need to follow our own calendar to be able to achieve our unique embroidery and the artisanal finishings taken from ancient couture techniques.

"We are a brand with over 40 years of heritage, but since the relaunch, we still feel very young. There's a nice balance between the atelier, some who have been here for years and years (up to 28 years to be precise), and then there's a new generation — our embroiderers are just 30 years old. I think it's a great atmosphere to be able to connect people from different backgrounds and ages. Everyone learns from one another, but I have to admit that we have grown really fast in the past five years (this year marks my 5th anniversary as well as the 10th runway show with FW17). It has been a very exciting journey; we still have a lot to plan inorder to grow in the future: we're opening a new boutique in Dubai (in the Dubai Mall) which is very exciting, and hopefully we'll launch our first fragrance in 2018. As a long term goal, we're constantly working to become a reference in fashion.

"That said, fashion is constantly changing and now technology increases the speed, especially with social media platforms. They are a big reason for that shift. The platforms reach a wide audience, connect us with current and future customers and, the most important thing, it offers immediacy. Thanks to social media, a brand like Delpozo, which doesn't have a brick and mortar store around every corner, is able to establish a conversation with supporters of the brand. It's a way for us to engage with our followers and share with them more intimate moments at the atelier or backstage at the show, or for example special projects. 

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"As for the platform I use most, it's Instagram (@josepfontc is my personal account where I like to share my inspirations). I think for most fashion brands it's their top choice as well. Besides being more focused on images, it's also a constant source of inspiration. It's a great way to discover new talent. All of the collaborations we've done with artists and photographers have been through Instagram: @isabelitavirtual, @vincentmoustache, @oneeyegirl, @tina_bering, and actually, for this last show we collaborated with a visual artist from Russia @pavelbagan. The influence of technology, of course, has reached traditional press as well. Websites too embody innovation and creativity.

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"Even if the relation between the fashion industry and the press has changed a lot now, and social media has added to the equation, my personal relationship with it remains the same. Each morning I check Twitter for quick updates on general news and to see if anything has happened overnight. Then I also look through Instagram for more 'fashion' focused updates. Then I like to read reviews from different outlets as none are ever the same — I can really take in different points of view, the impact of the collection and how people are reacting to it. Still, I enjoy being offline as well, I really like having breakfast on a Sunday morning and reading through press with no rush."

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