Delpozo Diary part seven: Josep Font talks final stages

Delpozo Diary part seven: Josep Font talks final stages

It's a wrap!

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In part seven of the Delpozo Diary, Josep Font shares his insight into the closing of his must-see Fall/Winter '17 runway show...

Ending the pages of the Delpozo Diary, Creative Director, Josep Font now offers insight into his creative process on the day of the show, final thoughts and conclusions about the colourful collection and what the next steps are for the Spanish brand. Read the exclusive Buro 24/7 Delpozo Diary part seven now...

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"I don't have a specific routine on the day of the show. I'll wake up early as usual, get to the venue to check one last time that the collection is set, that everything is going smoothly: no last minute surprises. The venue set-up is done the evening before. Then I'll ensure the make-up and hair teams are set up, models are arriving on time; some do come from other shows so that can be a bit stressful. Once the models are almost done with hair and make-up, we do a sound check and a walk-through with my casting director. We make sure that the girls know which direction they need to go and that they know the rhythm. The pace of our shows are a bit calmer than the rest of NYFW. It usually helps with the music that accompanies the collection too. All of the performances are done live, and we also have a music rehearsal the day before. This season, however, the artists had another performance so we did it at 7am before the show at 11am. 

"The shows are always in the morning as I want natural light. The soft winter light entering from the big windows of Pier 59 really helps to create the exact atmosphere I'm looking for. Every season, the day or two before the show, it always rains or snows, or in September it's cloudy, but on the big day, the sun is on our side. We've been extremely lucky!"

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"Throughout the morning, I'm drinking several green teas as I'm already active with the nerves of pre-show time. The PR team sets several backstage interviews with different reviewers, so they have a better understanding of the collection and what my creative process was. 

"For this collection, my inspiration came once again from art and nature. The colour palette was inspired by Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai. He was apart of the Nabis, a group of French artists that received a large influence from both Symbolism and Fauvism. Rippl-Rónai loved to experiment with colour and that's something I think we have in common. Through his work, he focused on expressing feeling and the use of colours, which was also my goal with my tenth season. 

Colour is a central element indeed, but I also wanted to express a certain mystery with covering arms and heads. the hooded knit tops are one of the highlights.

"The circular silhouettes are another focal point, which came from the Möebius Band, a sculpture that represents continuity from Swiss artist Max Bill. For the hand embroidery on garments and accessories, I looked at nature, rather than art. The colourful hummingbird plumage and the shimmering fish scales were my two sources of inspiration for the embroidery in the hooded knit tops, in my new bag, the Moon bag, and on some of the shoes. 

"I don't have a favourite look, I can't choose just one to represent the entire collection and summarise my inspiration of curved lines and the combination of serene and calm colours. It's really really hard to choose! I love the coats with the work of the sleeves; the pleated tailored trousers, I think are going to be a big hit; I guess I focused more on daywear for this season." 


"Finally, when the show has finished, I hug all of my team and celebrate the fact that one more show has been achieved. We have lunch all together as a big family. After the show, I just want to relax before heading back to the studio and continue with the next season.

"I really can't reveal any secret about the upcoming collections... I like to keep it a bit of a mystery. I'm already in the midst of Resort and I'm starting to work on the inspiration and fabrics of Spring 2018! I really enjoy this part of the process! I hope I will create something beautiful that you will love as much I love working on it."

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