Delpozo Diary part four: Josep Font talks casting models

Delpozo Diary part four: Josep Font talks casting models

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Josep Font shares his thoughts on the perfect Delpozo model, the industry and femininity in part four of the Delpozo Diary...

When preparing for his Fall/Winter '17 runway show in New York City, Delpozo's Josep Font translates his vision through a very specific creative process, which includes his selection of models. In part four of the exclusive Buro 24/7 Delpozo Diary, Font shares his thoughts on finding the perfect "Delpozo model" and questions the idea of femininity...

"I don't think there is a 'typical Delpozo look' or 'a typical Delpozo model'. I think we have worked very hard to create a DNA that people can recognise in our clothes without knowing if it is Delpozo or not: the choice of colour, the play on volume, the craftsmanship, embroidery and intricate detailing. That is the hardest to achieve." 

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"As for the casting of the shows, we're always looking for a certain attitude in the models. They need to have something that makes them special and unique. It could be a glance, a gesture... sometimes we don't even know what it is, it just happens: a girl tries on a look in the fitting and she just looks beautiful and fierce wearing it. And we know she's the right one. That's why we work with different agencies: to have a wide range of possibility and diversity. 

"I always want to have fresh faces and to go for more unconventional models than the ones that are doing all of the shows. That's also part of what sets us apart. That said, because of the architectural shape and volumes of our garments, sometimes we do need models to have a specific height. Proportions and balance are very important to me. 

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"Today's model industry is very different as it was in the past, more than the appearance what really counts is the attitude. The idea of femininity has changed as well, it changes constantly through the history as it does the idea of beauty. I think there are a lot more interpretations on femininity. Each designer really believes and sees a different way to represent femininity. Which is also, the beauty of this industry. Everyone can express their own voice." 

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