Buro Asks: Yasmin Sewell

Buro Asks: Yasmin Sewell

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As a fashion entrepreneur and consultant held in high regard to the style industry, Yasmin Sewell shares her insightful Buro Asks answers...

Frequently appearing on street style reports from fashion weeks the world over, Yasmin Sewell was actually born Yasmin Abdallah in Australia before moving to London and starting her own retail career, aged 22.

Today, Yasmin has a thriving retail and fashion consultancy, sits on the British Fashion Council's New Gen committee, which supports fledgling London designers, and contributes further by offering her own mentorship to new brands, on the side.

Buro 24/7 speaks to the inspiring style star in our recurring feature interview, Buro Asks:

What was the first thing that you thought of this morning?

What will be the last thing you think of before you sleep tonight?
At the moment it's always a wish (usually hoping in vain) to get a full night's sleep... My son is two and a half, and uninterrupted nights are a distant memory!

When were you happiest?
At this moment of course.

If nostalgia were a smell, what would it be?
Summer rain on a hot suburban asphalt road... That's childhood all over.

Where is your favourite spot in the world?
Speaking of nostalgia, one of the first places that springs to mind is the Bronte Ocean Pool in Sydney, Australia. I spent endless summer days there as a child, and it's just the most beautiful place that I now appreciate even more as an adult for its natural wonder.

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What would your last meal consist of?
I have a really strong emotional attachment to Lebanese food... Preparing and cooking it makes me feel close to my late grandmother, who I had such a huge love for. So my last meal would have to at least involve tabbouleh, kibbeh and homemade labne, that's for sure.

What is your greatest fear?
I think when you become a mother, suddenly the majority of your fears in life shift to revolve around the safety and wellbeing of your child - it's something that's completely out of your control, it's entirely instinctive.

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Which living person do you most admire?
I'm not sure I could give one individual the title of the living person I admire most, but I am always inspired by people in power who live with a mentality of selflessness... maybe Oprah!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I joke with my team that I'm not a details person... I don't know if I would necessarily change this about myself, because I feel we all have strengths and weaknesses for a reason, but it would be interesting to experience having a really high tolerance for fine details. My life is so fast-paced that it just doesn't feel like a likely reality!

Which artwork do you wish you'd created?
I find Gaudí's work so incredible, he clearly thought on an entirely different level. There's such a connectivity with nature that make his work feel as though it has just sprung up from the earth. The first time you see one of his projects, you really feel you're seeing something unlike anything else you've ever witnessed – it would be amazing to have created something that has that effect on people.

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What's the next big thing?
As a company, we're moving further into the realm of Creative Direction, which is great because I always find those projects really inspiring and fulfilling. Also the growth of my brand Être Cécile.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I've done a lot in my career, but I actually I think it was when I made the bold decision to leave school early and start working, school didn't work for me and careers did. I remember leaving all my friends behind and I really was going out into the unknown, but it paid off.  It changed the path of my future for the good I believe.  

What do you wish you invented?
Instagram... Wouldn't you like to start up a company and sell it for $1 billion after less than 2 years?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
From a practical perspective, it would have to be something to do with being able to fit more into my day... It's a shame that we're such a time-poor society, but that's reality, so perhaps having a superpower that would enable emails to tap into my brain and answer themselves would just free up that bit much more time to try and find a bit of balance in my days! From a less practical perspective... I'd quite like to fly.

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