Buro 24/7 Interview: Isabel Marant

Buro 24/7 Interview: Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Text: Buro 24/7

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When it comes to collaboration excitement, Isabel Marant pour H&M has hit fever pitch. Urban chic with a heavy dose of rock 'n' roll spirit, the French bohemian elegance of Marant that we know and love has finally hit the high street. Buro 24/7's Ilektra Kanestri sits down with the designer to find out more...


Isabel Marant for h&m

Isabel Marant

Buro 24/7 | How did you decide what to include in the collection? 

Isabel Marant | It's my personal hits. There are certain things from Isabel Marant past seasons that I love very much and always wear. And I literally opened my closet and reviewed all that there is of my things, and accessories. And I'm not just pulling away certain outfits, but also take into account that they perfectly match each other. So there was this collection - or rather, not a collection, and a full wardrobe from Isabel Marant, which has everything you need.

Buro 24/7 | So, the best of the best?

Isabel Marant | That's right – the best of what I, in my own opinion, have done during my entire career. So you see how this collection is important to me.

Buro 24/7 | Were you bothered by the fact that H&M have had collaborations like this in the past?

Isabel Marant | To be honest, when I was asked to collaborate with H&M, I was first of all, very happy. Of course, not least because the company has always carefully selected designers for joint collections. And I took this invitation partly as recognition of my work, all that I have done over the years.

There is another very important point, which makes participation in such a project is very tempting for a designer - something that you can really make clothing for so many people, things that they wear every day. Working for a huge audience - very exciting and interesting.


Isabel Marant for h&m


Buro 24/7 | This is the first time you've designed menswear, too?

Isabel Marant | You know, my friends and colleagues have been trying to persuade me to run a male line for more than a year. But I believe that I have already done that, in a sense. I constantly think about how modern women appreciate the comfort, convenience, ease of dressing. My collection does just that – it's functional, unobtrusive style, comfort. I have long been creating clothing for real 'men'. 


Isabel Marant for h&m

Buro 24/7 | How would you describe the collection in three words?

Isabel Marant | Relaxed, versatile, diverse, authentic.

Buro 24/7 | Which piece will be most successful? 

Isabel Marant | Honestly, I cannot even imagine. This is another reason why I'm excited to see it hit stores.


Isabel Marant for h&m


*Isabel Marant's collection for H&M goes on sale November 14, 2013, at 250 H&M stores worldwide.

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