\"L'Ange Noir is a modern and strong vision of femininity\" – Aymeline Valade on Givenchy

"L'Ange Noir is a modern and strong vision of femininity" – Aymeline Valade on Givenchy

The face of the fragrance

Interview: Farouk Chekoufi

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Givenchy

In an exclusive interview Aymeline Valade takes us behind the scenes of her shoot for Givenchy's latest fragrance and her vision is as thought-provoking as the scent...

S he's a model, actress — she starred in the feature film Saint Laurent — and the face of Givenchy's L'Ange Noir fragrance. Now, French-born Aymeline Valade speaks to Farouk Chekoufi about her face, fragrance and falling in love with her new apartment...

Can you define Givenchy's L'Ange Noir?

I have to say that I recognise a lot of me in the dual character of L'Ange Noir. When I first smelled L'Ange Noir I was really seduced by the black sesame notes of this floriental, elegant and powdery fragrance. This mix of magnetism and delicacy reflects the the sides of my personality.

Aymeline Valade

Why and how does a fragrance appeal to you?

A fragrance is a signature. It's like a message you spread around you. When you meet someone for the first time, it's one of the first things that you discover about that person.

What emotional memories come to mind with the fragrance L'Ange Noir?

It reminds me of a promenade in a mysterious oriental garden at night. It also reminds me of a trip to I did to Marrakech a few years ago.

How did you prepare for the role in L'ange Noir?

I took inspiration from the glorious Hollywood film noir, from the 40's, from Lauren Bacall. I also worked on finding an expression to perfectly embody the duality of the parfum; being strong and gentle at the same time. 

Aymeline Valade

Aymeline Valade

Tell us more about the couture dress, the hair and make-up, the atmosphere and the energy of the shoot? 

The dress is really emblematic of Ricardo's work. I love this mix of darkness and luxury. Plus the strong look empowered by beautiful dark eyes helped me to get into the character of L'Ange Noir!

I have a sharp bone structure and strong blue eyes so people always says that I'm magnetic. But I would say that my personality is delicate. I'm a very sensitive and emotional person.

Do you have other ambitions outside of modelling or acting?

Yes! I'm working on a big project with the artist Screen Noise, which will be an interactive piece of art, music, dance and visual effects. It's all virtual reality and it should be out in art galleries by February.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of? 

I have a very precise routine. As often as possible, I start my day by listening to good music with a few cups of herbal tea. It's important for me to take my time, in a peaceful mood. It's a kind of mental exercise, which definitely changes your personal energy and also the glow of your skin. And L'Ange Noir, of course (laughs)!

Givenchy perfume

What is your secret to staying healthy?

I'm not obsessed about being slim, this is my natural shape, but I am really attached to preserving my health and it really starts with eating healthy. I cook organic food, of course, but I also pay attention to what my body needs.

What are your make-up essentials?

My sugar face mask, rose oil for the skin, tea three essential oil, an eye last curler and mascara.

The most exciting place right now is?

 My new apartment.