Adidas launch PureBoost X in Middle East

Adidas launch PureBoost X in Middle East

Positive energy

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Adidas

There's a new shoe on the block that's creating positive energy just through the movement of a single runner's stride. Discover the secret to the new Adidas arrival now...

Complete with a unique floating arch, this running shoe, which is designed for women, is fast becoming a competitor in the ever-increasing sportswear category. Launched in 2016, the shoe, which now comes in a myriad of new colours, is designed for a natural gait — think walking, running or even sprinting. The sock-like structure also make the sneaker super light and ideal for a mere 3k or an extended 10k.

Adidas PureBoost X

The Adidas PureBoost X, Dhs525, is available at Adidas flagship stores across the Middle East now. Then, keep your eye out for the Alexander Wang x Adidas collection this September.

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