Ora Ito's conceptual shoe design for Nike

Ora Ito's conceptual shoe design for Nike

Fancy footwork

The world of furniture and footwear collide, as French designer Ora Ito pays homage to Charles and Ray Eames, with the new ‘Nikeams’

Taking inspiration from the iconic Eames Lounge 670 chair – one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture from the past 100 years – Ora Ito designed the futuristic trainer in recognition of the legendary industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames.

Using a GORE-TEX sock as the base, the French designer imagines thin panels of lacquered plywood used as shell going over parts of the main body of the shoe, while a thin layer of rubber running lays underneath as a sole.

The sleek design is still simply a concept and Nike have expressed no signs yet to take it any further.   

Ora Ito for Nike

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