Nike debut new 'run, cut, jump and lift' shoe

Nike debut new 'run, cut, jump and lift' shoe

The Free Trainer 3.0

The new Nike Free Trainer 3.0 is pitched as the ultimate sports shoe for the all round athlete allowing freedom of movement in all athletic pursuits...

Nike have designed their latest sports trainer specifically to support natural movement, in whatever form that may take, be it “run, cut, jump” or “lift”. 

The upper part of the trainer is designed to support high speed changes in direction, the kind of movement used on the football pitch or tennis court for example, while the outsole is heavily cushioned for impact support to aid constant movements such as running or crossfit training.  

"Athletes are faster when the foot moves naturally," says a Nike spokesperson. "The innovative outsole of the Nike Free Trainer 3.0 features hexagonal flex grooves that offer six different flex points to enable natural motion. Mid-foot Nike Flywire technology provides superior stability and the support needed for rapid lateral movements and cuts in every direction."

The design comes in a range of colours and is focussed heavily on comfort. Ideal for all of your athletic pursuits for the new year. 

Available at Nike online and in stores worldwide now

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