Nike Celebrates Air Max Day Today

Nike Celebrates Air Max Day Today

Marking 30 years since the birth of the iconic 'Air Max 1'

Image: Nike

Today, Nike marks a milestone in the life of one of its most iconic designs – 'Nike Air Max 1' – created on March 26, 30 years ago

In celebration of 'Air Max Day', Nike encourages fans worldwide to wear their favourite Air Max shoes, and highlight the same via social media sites using the hashtag #AIRMAX.

Since its creation in 1987, the 'Nike Air Max 1' has developed over the years, showing its versatility through a range of must-have models.

Buro 24/7 Middle East marks 'Air Max Day', exploring designs from the birth of the initial icon to the limited edition kicks created especially for its 30th birthday...

Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1987 - 'Air Max 1'

Conceptualised by Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield, the first iconic model paved success for future models with its unique design featuring a visible 'Air' window and a vibrant red and white colourway.

Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1989 - 'Air Max Light'

This model was much lighter than the original; it presented contemporary features while keeping the first design in mind.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1990 - 'Air Max 90'

The iconic hues of Infrared featured on this design would cement the success of the AM90 and the birth of its own legend.

Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1991 - 'Air Max 180'

This model featured more 'Air' than previous models, as the name suggests - with 180 degrees of cushioning beneath the midsole.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1991 - 'Air Max BW'

In the same year, Nike extended its offering with a design featuring an even bigger window and more 'Air' than ever before.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1993 - 'Air Max 93'

In 1993, Nike applied new technology to the 'Air Max 93' which it achieved with 270 degrees of 'Air'.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1995 - 'Air Max 95'

For this model, designer Sergio Lozano sourced inspiration from the human anatomy - with a particular focus on spine, ribs and tendons. The pops of neon yellow added to its appeal.

Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

1997 - 'Air Max 97'

Similar to the bullet train that inspired the design of the 'Air Max 97', it was essentially built for speed and displayed the first full-length visible Air midsole.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

2006 - 'Air Max 360'

In 2006, Nike achieved its initial vision of running completely on 'Air', with the 'AM 360' featuring a thermoformed unit and laser-cut upper.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

2014 - 'Flyknit Air Max'

This year, the company unveiled this ultralight running model, featuring the most versatile Max Unit to date, as well as a woven one-piece Flyknit upper.

 Nike celebrates 'Air Max Day' today

March 26, 2014 - The Air Max Day 'Am 1 Premium Qs'

In celebration of the birth of the original icon, Nike has revealed a limited edition model - 'Am 1 Premium Qs', in which the signature 'University Red' colourway, is given a new lease of life with a Volt colour treatment as well as a 3.26-emblazoned tongue.

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