New Balance's new all-American sneaker for Spring 14

New Balance's new all-American sneaker for Spring 14

Inspired by national parks

Image: Sneaker Politics

The sneaker company stays true to it's roots by producing shoes that have been manufactured in the Homeland

As a tribute to America's diversified natural scenery, New Balance adds a new pair of sneakers to it's Spring 2014 'National Parks' collection.

Joining the assortment, which is made up of shoes that are decorated in earthy tones such as khakis, blacks, blues and greys, is the US574 'National Park' edition.

The shoe takes inspiration from the mountains and boulders of American national parks, and features hints of yellow inspired by the off-road trails. A grainy strip between the heel and sole also brings a natural essence to the design, and the shades of blue illuminate like the morning sky.

The design maintains the company's signature ENCAP cushioning, and it's bright red logo stands out against the more muted hues, making sure that their legacy doesn't go unnoticed.  

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