Giuseppe Zanotti celebrates 20 years in business

Giuseppe Zanotti celebrates 20 years in business

Capsule collections to mark the milestone

Image: WWD

To mark the end of the brand's second decade, Giuseppe Zanotti has designed four capsule collections to be released at staggered stages

In celebration of two decades in designing shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti has created four capsule collections, each representing a distinct characteristic of the brand and released throughout the rest of this year.

Following on from the recent news that LVMH has purchased shares in the label, the first collection, 'Jewel,' is an all-gold line of sandals inspired by past designs, and will be released in June. 

Zanotti 20th anniversary

Reflecting on 20 years, the designer has recalled his first trip to New York City. “I started in the Plaza Hotel, where I had a room for FFANY,” he said. “At the time, [the market] was very black, formal, rubber — it was a minimal style. No Jimmy Choo, no [Christian] Louboutin. But I started with stilettos that were superglam, superfeminine and sexy — and the business was a flop. For the first two or three seasons, it was a tragedy.”

Like many designers, Zanotti is always looking to the future — even when it comes to paying respect to his past. Originally, the creative team at the label suggested a retrospective book to celebrate the milestone, saying, “I’m not dying yet. A retrospective book feels sad. I thought it was nice to show the cardinal point of my profession with this collection. Every sandal has a name, and every name is a memory.”

Following June’s release of the 'Jewel' collection, the 'Rock ’n’ Roll,' 'Black Stilettos' and 'Disco' collections will be available in September, November and February 2015, respectively.

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