Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts

Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts

A blacklisted collaboration

Image: Business Of Fashion

British designer Gareth Pugh has released a joint 14-piece collection with LA-based brand Chrome Hearts, renowned for its leather accessories

Gareth Pugh and Chrome Hearts have collaborated on a collection of 14 items which feature surreal, ethereal style and gloomy vibes. Skirts to the floor, structural jackets with leather 'halos', bustier tops and accessories; all, of course, in black – with splashes of silver. 

Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts (фото 1)

"It all happened by itself," explained the experimental Pugh, who – thanks to a personal kinship and a mutual love for artistry and craftsmanship – has worked alongside Chrome Hearts designers Laurie Lynn Stark and her husband Richard. A transatlantic partnership between London and Los Angeles, Lyn Stark explains, "I've always been a huge fan of Gareth  –  I started going to his shows a very long time ago and fell in love with his style."  

Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts (фото 2)

Pugh and Stark have hinted that they intend to continue the collaboration for future seasons, as the "first" 'Gareth Pugh x Chrome Hearts' collection will debut in January at the Chrome Hearts newly expanded shop-in-shop in The Wonder Room at London department store Selfridges. 

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