Dior unveil new 'Summer Fusion' sandals for spring 2015

Dior unveil new 'Summer Fusion' sandals for spring 2015

The summery twist on the Fusion Sneaker...

Christian Dior unveils its summery update to the 'Fusion Sneaker' – 'The Fusion Sandal.' Take a look at the contemporary yet elegant floral sandal for the summer season...

Bringing a summer update to the futuristic and couture 'Fusion Sneaker' is the new 'Fusion Sandal' by Dior. Fully incorporating the floral design upon a casual breathably light mesh material the summer sandal is every bit as delicate and sporty as its sneaker original. 

With finely edged sequin flowers blooming in different proportions in either jet black or inky blue upon soft flat rubber souls in contract pastels, these sandals exhibit the fusion of comfort and elegance with ease.

Dior unveil new Summer Fusion sandals

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