Adidas release the world's first knitted football boots

Adidas release the world's first knitted football boots

The Samba Primeknit

Image: Por Homme
Image: Adidas

This week, Adidas unveiled images of Liverpool player Luis Suarez holding the world's first knitted football boot, which will go on sale March 17

The Samba Primeknit was inspired by the success of the Primeknit running shoe, the limited-edition football boot promises to combine "the comfort and responsiveness of playing barefoot with the protection of a traditional design."

This will be the brand's most ecologically sustainable football boot as it is made from one-piece of fabric without wasting any material. 

Footballer's Gareth Bale and Lionel Messi will be some of the first athletes to sport the new Adidas release on the field.

Markus Baumann, senior VP for Global Football at Adidas said, "Every Adidas product is developed with the player in mind and in particular, the needs of the player," also adding, "By producing the world's first knitted football boot we have provided a brand new solution to the search for higher levels of comfort and flexibility."

The limited-edition Samba Primeknit will be available from Adidas stores and online from March 17 for $418.

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