Adidas debut new app to allow virtual line queuing for limited editions

Adidas debut new app to allow virtual line queuing for limited editions

Reserving rare shoes from the click of an app

Adidas has launched a new app to allow virtual line queuing for limited edition shoes and apparel. The 'Confirmed' app could mean a stop to desperate round-the-block queue's outside stores, but is it ready to handle the upcoming demand for the Kanye collection?

It is no coincidence that shortly before the highly anticipated Adidas sneakers, designed in collaboration with the mighty Kanye West, are revealed, that the sports brand announces a new app to help manage demand of limited edition lines. 

The sportswear giant, which is gallantly trying to establish a greater share of the fashion-sneaker market, over leading competitor Nike, has released 'Confirmed.' A mobile app that will let sneakerheads skip the long lines at shoe stores on release days and other desperate measures that are occasionally employed when a rare pair of shoes is at steak. 

"You hear a lot of chatter and frustration that the existing system is somehow rigged for friends of friends or VIP customers," said Simon Atkins, the company's vice president of brand activation. "We saw a real opportunity to change the paradigm with customers."  

Consumers can download 'Confirmed' and register their personal details, and (crucially) allow push notifications from the app. They will then receive offers to reserve limited-edition shoes and clothing as they become available. The first to respond are given the right to buy the products at a certain time and place, both in Adidas-owned stores and other retailers. The app uses customers personal information, like their address, to help reach out to the right customers, with the right offers. 

"The primary function for us it to create an equal and uniform experience for all consumers," Atkins said. "We're creating a virtual line." 

We only hope that the app is equipped to handle to demand that is about to ensue after the rumoured February 12 release of Kanye's collection. Atkins has said there is only one way to describe the level of interest in the upcoming line and that is: "unprecedented."