Fashion Forward: Salta Fall/Winter '16

Fashion Forward: Salta Fall/Winter '16

Journey to Asia

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Courtesy of Getty Images

Discover the Central Asia and Tibet-inspired collection, which marched down the runway in single file at the Salta Fall/Winter '16 show. Buro 24/7 has the details...

It was a dramatic entrance at the Salta Fall/Winter '16 show as dark lights and traditional Tibetian music set the tone, while 20 models walking filtered out in single file down the runway.

The Kazakhstan-native designer, Saltanat Baimukhamedo drew her inspiration from Central Asia and Tibet as minimalism and simplicity unfolded throughout the collection, aptly titled, Greater Middle East. 

The 20-strong collection combined layerings of cotton, linen and jersey that have been intertwined into traditional Tibetan clothing silhouettes with a modernised twist. Clear shapes, clean forms, calf-length wide trousers and oversized metallic tops were on show in monochromatic palettes of delicate whites, charcoal and neutrals. Black top hats, fun pom-poms and metallic boots were key elements that complemented each look.

Complete with a nude lip, a bronzed cheek, exaggerated eyebrows and hair braids, the looks delivered a strong statement and mysterious focus on the beautiful collection.

Take a look at Salta's Greater Middle East collection now...  

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