Fashion Forward Dubai: Amato Fall/Winter '16

Fashion Forward Dubai: Amato Fall/Winter '16

The darker side

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Courtesy of Getty Images

Season 7 of Fashion Forward had a dramatic ending as Amato by Furne One presented his astrology-inspired Fall/Winter '16 collection. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details here...

Dried autumnal leaves scattered the runway as leafless trees parted to make way for the dramatic entrance of the Amato Fall/Winter '16 collection. After Furne One's debut RTW collection last season titled prét-a-porter, the designer leaves behind innocent frocks to take a different approach to winter clothing.

Looking towards galactic astrology, ancient history and mysticism for inspiration the Fall/Winter '16 collection, Rev 21:8, flaunts a mixture of delicate lace, soft leathers, fringe and feathers in exceptionally beautiful silhouettes of serpentine gowns, A-line dresses and wide-length jumpsuits. Platform boots, chains, belts and thick chokers were key elements that complemented each look.  

On show, Furne One explored a palette of hues in deep red, off-white, peach, grey, dark purple and black. Complete with a dramatic eyeshadow and a bold eyeliner, the makeup by MAC delivered a statement. Backstage before the show Buro 24/7 the Middle East spoke with Vimi Joshi, MAC's Senior Makeup Artist who said: "For the eyes, we drew a graphic liner and put red eyeshadow on the inner lids of the eyes and around the bottom. We've completely paled down the skin, created a contour and then highlighted the centre of the face. We left their lips completely nude."  

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