Zaha Hadid for United Nude

Zaha Hadid for United Nude

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Image: Zaha Hadid

Designed by Zaha Hadid, an architect with a passion for footwear, and Rem D, the original heel architect and founder of the brand United Nude, a collaboration that ignores the rules has been created, forming an entirely new kind of shoe.

The result is the revolutionary 'Nova' style, combining "innovative materials and ergonomic considerations", in keeping with the dynamic visual flair of Hadid's architectural language. The shoes convey an inherent sense of movement, even whilst still.

Guided by her 30 years of experience working with complex structural principles on all levels, Hadid has developed an innovative system that allows a staggering 16 cm (6.25 in) of heel to appear completely unsupported.

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 Zaha Hadid


The upper of the shoe combines metallic chromed vinyl rubber and is lined with the highest quality Italian kid nappa leathers. The hidden platform and heel are composed of fiberglass and the outsole is made of rubber.

The design is available to buy in sizes 35 to 40, has a limited edition production run of 100 per colour and are available only at very select stores; Shoe Level District in Dubai, L'eclaireur in Paris and both the Zaha Hadid and United Nude webshops.

We suggest you put your best foot (fashion) forward...


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